World Vision – Real Gifts

INSIGHT: People who had donated online in the past revealed that they do not get a real sense of what has been achieved with the money they gave. We therefore decided to use the internet to create a window into the lives of the people in need and how your donations impact their lives.

IDEA: A website that would enable people to easily donate and see how their donations impact the lives of the needy. Users could track their donations, see the change their money brings and also receive a message from the family. This helped lend assurance and credibility to the process.
Once a problem is solved or user helped, they become a Success Stories. This shows the happier side of charity work, and inspires people to help more.


RESULTS: Over 10% of past Donors have donated again when exposed to this website. The Donation amounts have gone up significantly post the launch of the Real Gifts website.

2011 – Campaign India Digital Media Awards: Silver Metal , Not For Profit

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