Thank you for visiting my website. This website is a platform for my creative expression.

I paint. I bake. I quill. I doodle. I travel. And I write, mostly for pleasure and sometimes as part of my job.

I am a copywriter with an art background. Yes, I went to art school. I topped at the University in my final year, yet inspite of all this it came as no surprise to my professors that I choose to venture into advertising as a writer. That was almost 10 years ago and I am still writing, scribbling, blogging. If you would like to know more about my professional background or would like to offer me a job, visit my LinkedIn profile.

And when I am off from my job as a copywriter or need challenge to my creativity, you will find me doing something artsy, be it painting, baking or simple thinking of ways I could give my home a makeover.

My design background definitely manifests itself in the many things I do. When I bake, it’s all about design and presentation, making things look as pretty as a picture. I don’t have a formal culinary training but thanks to the wonderful world of Youtube, Pinterest, and the internet, I’ve managed to pick up the skill rather well.

Oh, and then there’s MaD, which reads as Mother and Daughter. As the name suggests it is something that I do with my Mum. Using the art of quilling, we create a sort of Majolica type of pottery amidst other things. Feel free to check out the MaD section on this website, or follow us on Facebook.

Lastly, please do not replicate any of the content from the website without prior permission. Backlinks and mentions will be appreciated.  Leave a comment below or drop me a mail at eneloj28@gmail.com